Different kinds of lapel pins

A lapel pin is a small metal pin, usually less than an inch in any dimension that is used for promoting businesses or advocacies, or for showing patriotism or affiliation. They can also be used as recognition pins whether inside or outside an organization. Recognition pins are given by heads of organizations or employers to team members or employees to show appreciation for their contributions at work. There are many kinds of pins—different kinds of coloring processes, different kinds of embellishments and attachments. Before you decide on what pin to get for your company, take a look at how lapel pins are made.

How lapel pins are made

Recognition PinsThe process of making lapel pins usually consists of nine steps. First, the metal is molded to form the design. Pins can be made of copper, iron, polished gold or silver, or even antique gold or silver. After the metal is molded, the outline cutting molds are made separately. These molds can vary in number depending on the design of the pin. After the outline is cut, the attachment is soldered onto the back of the pin. The fourth step is plating, where the metal is soaked in the plating liquid for a certain period of time. The metal is then polished. After this, the pin is colored. Depending on the type of pin, color can be applied using a stamp, soft enamel, printing, or various types of printing. After the color has been applied and has dried, the pin is then coated with epoxy. This prevents the enamel from color fading and cracking.

Types of lapel pins according to coloring process:

Cloisonne pins are stamped out of copper sheets. The depressions are filled with enamel powder and fired. Once the pins have cooled, they are smoothened and plated.

Soft enamel pins are made by using stripes of metal to separate areas that are to be colored in.

Photo etched pins have designs chemically etched onto the pin, colored by hand, then baked.

Photo dome pins are designed by printing the design on vinyl or paper. The design is then applied to the pin.

Silk screen or screen printed pins are produced by applying colors one-by-one onto the pin.

Pins designed using the 4-color process or offset printing use the CMYK process. This style of pin is good for complex designs or designs that use many colors.

Types of pin embellishments:

Pin on pin-gives a 3-D look to the pin

Dangler-has a short chain extension


LED (light-emitting-diode)


Lenticular-shows different images when tilted from side to side

Spinner-lets part of the pin spin

Flocker-a fuzzy type of pin

Types of pin attachments:

The butterfly clutch or military clutch consists of a small prong that is released by squeezing or pressing. The jewelry clutch or tie tack consists of a prong and a clutch. The safety clasp is an attachment that looks like a safety pin. It has a long pin prong under a small hook or clasp. The magnetic clasp consists of small disk magnets. This style prevents garments from getting punctured. The screw and nut attachment consists of a threaded prong and a nut that secures the pin. The stick pin consists of a thin needle and a collar. This collar slides up and down the needle. Other kinds of attachments include tie tac, rubber, deluxe locking, key chain, and cufflinks.

Recognition pins are a simple way of showing gratitude that are actually quite affordable, despite the complicated-looking steps to make a pin. The various styles of pins let you design a pin that is as special as your organization, and you can even do it online! Check out lapel pin store websites today to start designing your own logo pins, awareness pins, or recognition pins.

Rubber Wristbands for a Cause

For most people, wearing rubber wristbands is a fashion statement. It was deemed as a trendy item since the 90s, when the rubber wristband started to be used by most teenagers worldwide. What makes it a great fashion item is its versatility in color, print, texture and size. Besides these features, the rubber wristband is cheap and is easy to make, which probably is the main reason for its immense popularity.

But what people don’t know is that some wristbands are used by charitable organizations to raise awareness for their advocacy. Here are some of the wristband colors used by notable organizations, and what these colors represent for them.

Blue Wristband

Rubber wristbandsBullying has become so prevalent in America and the rest of the world that a certain organization has used rubber wristbands to stop this alarming behavior in schools. BBC Radio One, as part of their campaign against bullying, has launched the sale of blue bands imprinted with the words “Beat Bullying”. Sports fans and celebrities alike have adorned this blue bracelet which contributed to its fame. Unfortunately, due to the huge demand for this free product, the BBC Radio was unable to cater to most requests.

Black and White Wristband

Rubber wristbands are not restricted to one color only. In fact, one organization has used a combination of black and white colors for their wristbands as part of their advocacy. Thierry Henry, an Arsenal player, has used twin bands linked together to fight racism in the sport of football. Besides the colors, these wristbands are also embossed with the words “Stand up Speak Up”. For only £1.50, you can own this twin pair of bands. The money pooled from the sale of these wristbands will proceed to projects aimed at tackling football bullying in Europe and UK.

Blue and Green Wristband

Religion is such a controversial topic that even the current hostilities in today’s era are engrained because of differences in religious beliefs. By wearing a rubber wristband with a mix of blue and green, you support peace between different religious groups. The message “Say no to Sectarianism” is imprinted in the band,. as Sectarianism pertains to the conflicts between people having different religions of different faiths. You might be wondering on why blue and green were used as the trademark colors. This trend actually originated in Scotland. The colors represent the Celtic and Ranger teams. Their fans are divided not only because of the teams they support, but also because of their religions. Catholics support Celtic while Rangers have Protestants as their fans. These multicolored rubber wristbands were distributed in all schools situated in West Scotland, hoping that it will discourage people to practice from practicing Sectarianism.

White Wristband

“Make Poverty History” is the aim of those who disseminated the white wristband. It pushes the rich governments to drop the debts of the poor countries, so that it may help alleviate poverty. To support this worldwide campaign, you should equip yourself with a white wristband. You may put in around your wrist, your arm, or your ankles. The great thing about a white wristband compared to other colors is that it is readily available not only in organizations and charities, but also in your local accessories shop.

If you wish to support these groups, you may purchase them from these organizations. Fashion stores also offer rubber wristbands. There are also prominent online retailers for these silicon bracelets. Usually, they offer wholesale prices and can also give free shipping fees depending on the volume of your order.  Otherwise, you can just make your own rubber wristband. Making this accessory is pretty much easy, as most teenagers can do this in the confines of their homes.

The Secret Hand shake

Aside from the challenge coins themselves, one thing that the audience waits for in the act of handing over the coins is the ‘secret handshake’. This ritual – that seems to start and end as fast as a bullet – is done in others’ presence, always in plain sight.

Civilians don’t usually understand initially what’s going on. It might have happened in front of them, but they tend to be clueless and unaware of what actually went on. All they know is there’s a Marine at attention, a stone-faced soldier, a famous politician, or even the President (if you’re lucky enough) who reaches out to shake hands. Just like that, in an instant, the ceremony of handing out challenge coins is all over.

What Goes On During a Handshake

During a handshake, a military tradition of giving out challenge coins could be held. A small and shiny medallion is found inside the palm of a hand, and will seamlessly end on the other. It somehow feels like giving tips to waiters and passing notes discreetly to friends.

It might seem trivial, but to some, this means a lot. In June 2011, Robert Gates (Secretary of Defense) went to Afghanistan’s military bases prior to his retirement. Along the way, he met and shook hands with a lot of men and women who were part of the Armed Forces. The handshake may appear normal to most and only seemingly indicates a sign of respect, but in reality, it was a secret handshake that has a Secretary of Defense challenge coin inside.

A Rare Catch

Not a lot of photographers and media personnel can have the ‘bragging rights’ with regard to the secret handshake. There were some who were lucky enough, though, that they were able to capture these rare moments. After all, it’s both fleeting and elusive; in seconds, the whole encounter is over.

It’s ultimately rare that clear photos will be taken of the encounter, and photojournalists look at immortalizing the exchange as a white whale. Photographers know that the secret handshake will indeed take place, but what’s unsure is the possibility of catching it. After all, it’s really hard to capture a coin as it’s being passed. It’s not impossible, but the task is quite hard.

challenge coinsHandshake Booboos

Secret handshakes don’t always flow so smoothly, though. In 2012, President Obama wanted to hand a coin to Sgt. Kristie Ness before boarding the Marine One helicopter. Ness unfortunately dropped the coin delivery and President Obama bent to pick up the fallen coin. He placed the coin back in her hand and the two enjoyed a laugh about it. Today, his delivery is definitely smoother after the previous awkward exchange.

A Tradition Upheld

Not all challenge coins are handed over via secret handshakes, but this gesture has become one of those traditions valued by a lot of people. The root of this was said to be during the Second Boer War; South African colonists and the British fought during the turn of the 20th century.

A lot of soldiers of fortune were hired by the British for this conflict but because of their mercenary status, they can’t earn medals of valor. Commanding officers would however receive the accommodation. Because of this, some stories came out that non-commissioned officers would go inside tents of unjustly awarded officers and their medals would be cut from the ribbon. After which, in public ceremonies, the deserving mercenary will be called forward, the medal put on the palm of his hand as they shake hands as a method of silently paying gratitude for what he contributed and for his service.

The Importance of Having a Keynote Speaker for an Event

When your event involves promoting a product, inspiring and motivating the audience, make sure that you have their undivided attention. For this reason, you will need to hire a professional keynote speaker to do the job for you to make sure that the event you are hosting will be a big success.

You would want that the message be delivered straight to the audience in the most proper way possible that can entice and inspire them. A keynote speaker has the ability to do this. They are able to provide motivational speeches for different crowds such as business people, graduates, charities, working professionals, and so many more. If you will notice, when your event guests arrive at the venue, they are usually mindful of their surroundings and are not really focused on the event itself. The job of a keynote speaker is to capture their attention and keep them centered throughout the event. The speaker draws them in and inspires them about the event. A good professional speaker knows how to set the proper mood for the event and make sure that the audience is absorbed from the beginning up to the end of the event.

Keynote speakerThe speaker is usually in-charge of starting the function by making a speech that catches everyone’s attention. This sets the mood of the audience and makes them willing to learn. A speaker should be in command of the topic and that means he or she should be an expert in that area. If you are hosting a business event, then the keynote speaker must be well versed in the business industry such as sharing new practices, fostering teamwork, and the likes.

Knowing the Speaker

When you are going to hire a speaker for an event that you or your company is hosting, list down the things that you want to accomplish. Meet with your speaker to discuss your goals for the event and see whether he is capable of doing them.

What to ask

Before hiring a speaker, get to know him first. Ask the experience and knowledge of the speaker and what he can bring to the presentation. It is also equally important to ask for the views of the speaker regarding the topic just in case his viewpoints may clash with what your company is promoting.

Type of presentation

There are many ways to engage an audience. You can do a live address or a workshop style of event whichever is appropriate for your event and which type of presentation will ensure maximum participation.


Knowing what others have to say about the speaker that you are planning to hire is important. Asking for references is normal and a good speaker should be more than willing to give you his past experiences.

Audience Impact

Will your target audience be receptive towards your keynote speaker? Some speakers may do well with a particular audience so this factor should also be taken into consideration.


For every event, there is a budget involved. Establish the professional fee of your speaker and after talking with him about your expectations and goals for the function, decide if he is worth the pay. Remember that it is vital to hire a quality speaker but it does not always mean that an expensive speaker is good and a cheap speaker is not competitive. Use your discretion when making a decision since this can make or break your event.

There are a number of factors to be taken into consideration when hiring a speaker. However, the most important thing when hiring a speaker for your function is to make sure that he can connect with the audience and provide a memorable experience at a reasonable price. When these things are achieved, you can be sure that the productivity of your company will be greatly increased.

Tips in Finding, Comparing and Choosing Funeral Homes

The person you love dies and you are faced with the difficulty of handling the funeral and burial services. Although you want to leave and just mourn for the loss, you simply have to stay and ensure that he or she gets a decent memorial service. Funeral homes are there to help people like you.

As a word of advice, families should really think about funeral homes way before someone dies. This will save them from all the stress of finding one when the time to look for one arrives. The latest would be when a family member is in the hospital fighting for his or her life. It may not be ideal to talk about death, caskets, funeral and burial services and cremation at this time, but the whole family is around and decisions can be easily arrived at.

Decide on the kind of tribute and burial service desired and the amount you are willing to shed. Know which funeral parlour can meet your price.

Inquire from your family, friends and officemates for the best funeral parlour in your area or the one that they have worked with before and availed of good service. Word of mouth is one of the best types of advertisements.

funeral homesLook for a funeral service in your neighbourhood that is near your house and determine the distance between the two. Next, calculate how far the funeral parlour is from the cemetery or the burial area. Determine if long distances shall be a big problem or not. For a smooth service, it is best to go for the funeral parlour and cemetery that are in your city.

Your cultural and religious beliefs should guide you in choosing a funeral parlour. The one you choose should abide by your beliefs, whatever they may be.

All the funeral homes recommended to you should be paid a visit. See if it is comfortable and neat inside. There must be enough space to accommodate your guests and needs. Do not choose one that intimidates you or makes you uneasy.

See if the funeral parlours have parking spaces. Check if they can accommodate many cars.

Meet with the funeral director and see if he is accommodating, well-informed and dependable. Inquire if they can offer the kind of service you desire and if they have an area for the wake following the funeral service. While the family is at the burial, their personnel can set up the area and food.

Ask from the director if you can choose the music and songs played at the funeral. Know their packages regarding wakes and flowers. Also ask about maintenance which happens after the funeral and this includes cleaning the plot. You should also talk about the funeral costs and your desired budget. The best funeral homes will always adhere to your budget and needs. If they push you to avail of services and items you cannot afford or do not need, go to another funeral parlour.

Ask for a written quotation and make sure it has the casket, service and other important details. Never assume that the estimate has everything included. It is always safe to ask from the beginning.

When deciding on a funeral parlour, always remember to check the reputation, expenses, professionalism of the funeral director and staff, convenience and other important factors. If you want a personal touch, you can choose a funeral home that is run by a relative. They will understand your needs because they themselves are a family and will be saddened if the same thing happens to them.

With these tips, you will have an easier time choosing one of the many funeral homes out there.

Softball Trading Pins: An Exercise in Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a way of thinking in a clear, objective, and evidence-based manner. Such a skill is very important since it is a means by which people can protect themselves against unwanted situations. Critical thinkers have a way of understanding circumstances and making rational decisions in such a way that would give the most benefit to the individual.

Many parents and teachers wonder how they would be able to teach such a skill. Most critical thinking exercises are bland and boring. They should know though, that certain hobbies, like trading softball trading pins, teach this skill to children subconsciously. But how exactly does this occur? There are 4 main skills associated with critical thinking. Here is where these activities come in:

Evidence through Reality

Critical thinking relies on real-life evidence. The phrase evidence through reality signifies that critical thinkers believe in hard proof, not just in rumors, hearsay, and history. They want to ensure the truth before making decisions, and this is done by relying on physical senses, such as sight, touch, and feel, or by being able to gauge the legitimacy of their sources.

Traders ensure the authenticity and value of softball trading pins in this manner. They need to be able to physically hold these pins before making decisions. They need to see that secondary pins, like sliders, spinners, and blinkers, are actually working. They need to know the actual history of the pin and/or the team it represents in order to gauge its value. They need to conduct accurate research and double check what they’ve found. They need to be physically present in softball games to clarify any confusion.

Isolating Problems from Context

Softball trading pinsSometimes, context shrouds a problem so much that the problem gets hidden and never solved. The softball trading pins industry is no exception to this problem. There are certain traders who like to spin stories so as to be able to get a higher value for the pins they are trading. Critical thinking is exercised in these instances since respectable traders try to expose the real value of these pins. They will remove context, such as the other trader’s stories of past owners or victories, and use their own knowledge bank and research to be able to decide on their actions.

Creating Criteria for Making Good Judgments

Obviously, traders must have a basis for their decisions. This is a habit of critical thinkers. Having a certain criterion and checking if this is met before settling on an action is very important. Traders need to ensure that the pins are intact, that the trade offered is good for both parties, and that they will feel good about the trade, among others.

Moral Thinking

Critical thinking requires a certain level of maturity. People age through their moral life from being completely self-centered to being able to think in another person’s shoes. The softball trading pins industry allows traders to exercise this way of thinking. They shouldn’t always be thinking of how to get the upper hand in a trade. Respectable traders also think of other people and the value of their pins. They feel morally responsible for ensuring that both parties get the best out of a transaction and they don’t take advantage of less knowledgeable people.

Critical thinking is a skill. Thus, it takes a lifetime to learn, imbibe, and perfect. Many people don’t actually perfect it, but are able to implement it well in their lives. It is best to start training early for this important skill. Engaging in a hobby that challenges you to think critically, such as indulging in softball trading pins, is a good start.

Historic Pensacola Village offers Great Pensacola Entertainment

Pensacola, Florida has a very rich and long history as well as wonderful Pensacola entertainment. It’s so extensive that there is even a historical village that is dedicated to show visitors of this region’s past. The Historic Pensacola Village is home to 2 museums, a long archeological trail, and 27 historical properties. 11 of these properties are currently open to the public, and you can walk right in to witness pure history.

The Historic Village was founded to preserve Pensacola’s rich past, and is currently managed by the UWF Historic Trust, which is a non-profit component of the University of West Florida. It aims to educate visitors of Northwestern Florida culture as well, and is not only reserved for Pensacola information.

Pensacola Night LifeOnce arriving at the Historic Village, you can visit the Voices of Pensacola Multicultural Resource Center. You’ll be able to inform yourself on the goals of the village, as well as what activities and buildings you can visit during your stay.

Here are some of the different types of Pensacola entertainment you can take part in:

Guided Tours

There are tours available in the village with expert guides to teach you along the way. These tours are offered three times a day, and run every single day the village is open (Tuesday to Saturday). They often run between an hour to an hour and a half, and are free with the purchase of the Historic Village admission ticket. You will be able to visit some of the open properties with your guide, including: the 1808 French-Creole Lavalle House, the 1832 Old Christ Church, the 1871 Dorr House, and the 1890 Lear-Rocheblave House. You can see just what these types of buildings were like in the past, at the peak of Pensacola settlement.

Recently, the Historic Village has developed a shorter guided tour of a small area of the village, along with one of the oldest residential high-house buildings known as the Barkley House. The tour guide will inform the group about the different features and aspects found in this historic area including the architecture and customs at the time.


The two museums available in the village are the T.T. Wentworth, Jr. Florida State Museum and the Pensacola Children’s Museum. The state museum features the general history of Florida, including the specific history of the Pensacola area. The Children’s museum includes kid-friendly exhibits, including hand-on activities that will surely be enjoyable for you children.

Archeological Trail

The Historic Village also has an archeological site, complete with a long trail with several information kiosks along the way. You can take some time walking through the site and discover several historic sites. There are also times where you might be able to actively participate in a dig, if you’re lucky.

History Fair

The Historic Village is home to the Pensacola History Fair. This fair is open to the public, and is an annual event that aims to draw in more of the public. There are also many student exhibits shown during the fair, including different awards as well.

If you want to experience Pensacola history as authentically as you can, visit the Historic Pensacola Village for great Pensacola entertainment with excellent Pensacola night life. You’ll be able to witness just how beautiful the older buildings are, and see how the early settlers contributed so much to the styles and customs of modern Pensacola. You’ll be amazed of how well preserved this area is, including the buildings and artifacts that were built and made during the 1800s. Be sure to visit the Historic Village website for more information, including admission costs and operating hours. This is a great attraction for both adults and children, so make a day out of it and take your family.

How to choose a golf club

It is important to know how different kinds of golf clubs are used to maximize the potential of each drive. It is therefore vital for a player to build a powerful golf club set that would help him improve his game using the strength of each piece of equipment. Of course, it is relatively easy to just purchase the golf clubs, as long as one has enough capital to do so. The issue with golf clubs is how such clubs could be matched with the person, so that a perfect player-club fit would happen. Here are some things to consider for this to happen:

  1. Consider asking for a fitting.

Pure golf sports establishments offer a fitting for their players. This is where they match the stance, weight, and height of the person with the given length, weight, and overall feel of a golf club. Some shops even look at the driving styles and characteristics of the player and conclude which kinds of clubs would be best. Fitting is a great pre-purchase move as it ascertains that the chosen golf clubs would be comfortable to use and would fit the person well. A great fit is not only a great financial investment; it is also an additional performance boost for the player.

  1. Look into club head sizes.

golf clubsThe club head determines what kind of club it would be, therefore it is vital to evaluate the type and size of club heads. In the current market, there are three available sizes for club heads.

The standard heads are the smallest, with a volume measurement of 150 to 155 cubic cm. Standard clubs are known for ease of use and control; they are more appropriate for the highly skilled golf players, especially those with high swing speed.

The next size is mid-size club, falling around 155 to 250 cubic cm. They provide wider sweet spots than the standard, but have less level of control for those aiming for precise shot driving.

The last size is the oversized club heads, with a measurement range of 250 to 460 cubic cm. This size is recommended for people who have yet to master control over their swings and who have inconsistent swing results. These are also great for beginners because it offers the largest sweet spots. The downside with this size is that it is difficult to control, as compared to all other sizes.

  1. Evaluate the strength of the shaft.

This advice is for those who frequent golf courses a lot. For these people, it is highly recommended for them to get custom fitted shafts. He should also understand the capabilities of the materials used for shafts. Two common materials nowadays are being used to create shafts. The first is graphite. This material is the more expensive of the two but its lightness makes up the resulting financial impact. Clubs with graphite shafts show potential for greater flight distance and swing speed. These are also recommended for players who have physical issues with their shoulders and require a lighter material for clubs.

The second material is steel. It is substantially heavier than graphite and provides better control and higher durability. Steel-based shafts are best for players who enjoy having swing speeds above the normal range. Steel shafts also last longer than graphite, making them more tempting for long-term investment reasons.

  1. Don’t hesitate to ask questions

For a better knowledge and comparison on one or more golf clubs, the best approach still is to ask a lot of questions. Asking would not only help buyers gather more pieces of information, they could also pick up a few tips and tricks on how best to use a particular golf club.

Frequently Asked Questions About Long Island Loan Modification

Long Island Loan Modification is not rocket science. You do not need a doctorate to understand the same. That being said, it isn’t like reading a comic book either. You need to pay attention to what you are reading. You need to read the process at least twice. The first reading allows you to grasp the general concept. The second reading allows you to fill in the gaps, and understand the process. Below are a few FAQs regarding the same.

-What is Long Island Loan Modification?

It is the process of substantially altering the terms and conditions of your loan, as applicable to Loans that originated from Long Island. This is because, most loan modification programs are not the same. Granted, they each need to comply with basic requirements as set forth by the law. But they also have to look into the personal and financial situation of the borrower and comply with internal requirements as set forth by the specific bank/lender operating in Long Island. Loan modification is therefore different for each borrower, as a general rule.

-What does Substantial Alteration Mean?

lawSimply put, important terms and conditions in your loan documents are altered. They are not limited to changing anything because of clerical error, clarifying the terms, etc., These substantial alterations are put into writing, agreed upon by both parties, signed, and then attached to the original loan documents. This refers to, but is not limited to changing the: type of loan (i.e. fixed to adjustable), interest rate, number of instalment payments, moving back payment dates, adding/modifying penalties, adding/modifying clauses (i.e. acceleration clause), changing/adding parties to the contract, etc. Alteration can refer to one, some or even all of the same changes.

-Who Starts the Process of Loan Modification?

Generally speaking, it is the mortgagor/borrower who starts the process by making a request for loan modification. However, there have been instances wherein the bank/lender initiates contact i.e. email, snail mail, call, public notices, offering loan modification to specific or general types of borrowers/mortgagors.

-Is it Legal to Modify a Loan Personally?

Yes, it is perfectly legal. In fact, there are public documents available online that you can read online or download. However, it is important to note that DIY loan modification is only feasible for those that fall squarely under government mandated programs. This usually refers to residential homes up to a certain amount, and almost always never applicable to investment homes, vacation homes, secondary homes, rental properties, etc. Also, even if you file DIY style, banks/lenders are not prohibited to use the services of lawyers, file legal documents or even request the intervention of the courts, provided there is just cause for doing so.

-Do I Need a Lawyer for a Successful Long Island Loan Modification?

Hiring a lawyer is not an absolute must. However, it is advisable to get the advice of the same. In any case, there are lawyers/firms that provide free consultations. By way of exception, should the bank/lender fight tooth and nail, and decide to bombard you with legal technicalities, then hiring a lawyer becomes necessary. This is especially true if the approval of a loan modification plan determines whether or not you keep the home or get evicted and become homeless.

-What if My Application for Loan Modification Fails?

Banks and lenders are in the business of making money. If they have an excuse to deny an application for Long Island loan modification, then they will not hesitate to do so. In most cases, they will use legal tactics that confuse the lay man. That is why it is important to make sure that you don’t give them an excuse. In any case, should the application be denied, a law firm can provide you with other options i.e. bankruptcy filing.

Clearing Common Misconceptions about Biker Patches


Finding biker patches is now simple with service providers offering them left and right. Nevertheless, many individuals are still apprehensive in obtaining these items to adorn their clothing. Common misconceptions about patches include the following and myth busters that everyone should know:

Patches are expensive

Contrary to people’s opinion, patches are relatively cheaper even if they are customized according to your preferred design. You will get standard customization choices from service providers, which means you don’t have to pay for these options. They are like packages offered for free and you simply pay for the production. Standards you’ll get include colors, shapes and basic features that will create your patches.

If you plan to add more unique appeal, you can choose from several add-ons like special threads and adhesive materials that will make your patch stick on clothes without sewing. Amazingly, add-on prices are also cheap and keep you from worrying about the total fee.

Moreover, ordering patches in bulk will give you cheaper prices than the usual. Service providers are willing to give you discounts as long given that you’ll buy all your organization members’ patches from the same company.

Only bikers can use these patches

Biker patches gained such name because they are used for adorning bikers’ jacket or jeans. However, these patches are not made exclusively for them. You can get these patches yourself and use them for adorning your own clothing.

The truth is many individuals obtain patches for covering holes in their apparel. Instead of using the same fabric, they use patches because they are better in covering holes while boosting a clothing piece’s design. Purchase several patches and use them on clothes with confidence.

Making patches extra unique is impossible

biker patchesYou will find pre-made patches that can be purchased easily in shops. Hence, people think that customizing patches for their own use is impossible. Today, you will find several companies making extra special biker patches through customizations required by buyers. They have numerous types of threads like metallic and neon threads that will swag up your patches according to your style.

Aside from thread styles and colors, you can order patches with irregular shapes as long as you indicate them in your order. Hot cut borders made it possible for service providers to seal irregular shapes to make them extra durable.

You must understand that extra customization means getting special add-ons that will incur additional charges. Be confident, however, in ordering customized patches because their prices are not that costly.

Sewing is the only way of patching

Sewing have been the usual way of placing patches on clothes throughout the years. Nevertheless, new technology led to coming up with fresh ways of attaching patches like iron on and tape. Iron on attaches on clothes because of its heat-activated adhesive that will work upon pressing a flat iron on the patch. Tape, on the other hand, works like regular double-sided tape, which is ideal for instant patching.

Iron on patches last forever

Many people are delighted with the development of iron on biker patches since patching is made easier. Nevertheless, you should understand that it won’t last long since it’s just an adhesive material. It will only last up to 20 to 30 washes and may fall off on its own.

Patches get easily damage

Patch makers have new products that make patches extra durable, which means they won’t get damaged easily despite regular washing. Backing options include thin plastic and other fabrics that thicken the patch. This assures uniform men that their patches will last long.

Misconceptions about biker patches are famous among potential customers and led them to not buying the product. Be confident in getting these pieces because they are now more durable and easier to place than before.